two chefs.

Raphael and Colin need little introduction, what with Le Petit Maison, Zuma and Qbara under their helm. The lesser known story goes way back when both started at the bottom of the kitchen, with little more than grand visions and the will to make it.


RAPHAEL dentoye

Chef Patron of Le Petit Maison in Dubai, he worked under chef Pierre Koffman at 3 Michelin Star La Tante Claire, and Zuma in London.

The story goes something like this: When Raph was at boarding school in England, washing pots in a kitchen one summer, his boss asked him if he'd ever become a chef.

"Never! Are you mad?"

An accidental chef, as Raph likes to call himself, he's betting on waking up one day to do something entirely different. But while he's still thinking up unmatchable spreads for Le Petit Maison in London and Dubai, Raph's on top of his game.


COLIN clague

Executive chef of the newly opened Jean-Georges at Dubai's Four Seasons, the reluctant extraordinaire setup Q’bara, The Ivy and Zuma in London and Dubai.

Growing up on the Isle of Man, Colin spent his childhood among the Island’s fishing and farming communities. Greatly inspired by his mother, a qualified chef and passionate home cook, Colin soon developed a keen sense of the quality of local produce and the seasonality of ingredients.

His mantra is to create culinary adventures using the best quality ingredients enhanced by sublime flavors executed with simplicity and finesse...



one foodie.

Because, there's always one.


AYLA behremovic

This quirky, jet-setting foodie-turned international model, Ayla made Dubai her home on the back of a burgeoning career in real-estate, while pursuing her real passion: finding 'awesome' food (in other people's kitchens). 

Born in Bosnia, Ayla considers herself a life loving world citizen. Her biggest life challenge to date was relocating to China to begin her modeling career. 

A novice for now, Ayla is hungry to learn and aspires to be the next master-chef while maintaining a career in fashion...